Professional Pest Control Services Auckland

Flybusters Antiants business philosophy is to supply a cost effective, affordable service giving you long-term control of pests. We look for the root of your problem in every area. We then create an effective pest control program for your home. Our services are guaranteed to eradicate all pests, even those that live in your crawl space. We assure you that every pest control technician that works for us is trained and is able to assist you with any pest control requests whether they’re bite-insects or crawling insects.

Are ants living in my walls?

Ants become dwellers inside walls and other voids simply as the result of finding a more preferred site for food, moisture and protection than what is available to them outdoors.

It is one of the most reputable Auckland pest control firms! This is due to the fact that the pest management team is IICRC-accredited that is a worldwide cleaning and restoration standard that they adhere to. This includes flies and borers as well as wasps. They employ low-toxin ERMA solutions which are more safe for pets and children than the more harmful chemicals used by other companies.

How We Can Help With Pests

Our highly trained and experienced technicians will expertly treat any pest issue with professionalism and a solid customer service focus. If you have any questions, our pest management technicians are more than happy to help you. Our contractors will be punctual, professional, friendly, and polite. We are equally worried about ensuring that none person is at risk by chemical-laden pesticides. We will guard your home from pests and simultaneously, protect you and your loved ones from any health risk that might be present.

We tried our best to resolve the situation by ourselves however, Bug Lady’s expertise was needed to help us. She explained the behavior of vermin and gave us practical solutions and equipment. It’s so refreshing to be rid of the bugs and the things they leave behind. There are some very excellent reasons to eliminate the pests that invade your home. Pests are not only annoying, but they can cause serious damage to your home and your health. Pests can breed in various ways throughout the year, which is why it is crucial to protect your investments against any unwanted guests.

Professional Pest Control Services

It’s not always effective and your pest problem could become worse. It could also be dangerous. A breach in the nest of wasps could lead to disaster. While you may be inclined to save some cash and do it yourself, the problem will often be so severe that you will have to eliminate them all. The issue won’t go away and you’ll continue to pay for ineffective treatments. Our Auckland customers can be assured that our pest control team will do a top job for a reasonable price. And this dedication to excellence has paid off – we are considered to be among the top pest control teams in Auckland today.

Ecosan carpet cleaning services are guaranteed and professional throughout Auckland. All commercial businesses will be protected from pests and kept tidy by Bug Lady You could work in a school or daycare, resthome, or learning center, cafeteria, restaurant takeaway factory, office or in a workshop.


Bug Lady is a great person and has taken an interest in making sure that we do away with the rat threat. She ensured that she followed up on every occasion. Rat infestation was quite widespread and with a newborn infant , it was vital that I could find an honest and trustworthy person. All Bug Lady pest extraction work is backed by a warranty Unfortunately bees and their nests in NZ are protected. However If you are required to remove a nest from your property, please call us. Read more about here. Chris was present yesterday to assist us in dealing with the ants. It has already made a significant impact, so we want to thank Chris for your help.